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  • Airflow

    9.8 10.0 Python
    Apache Airflow - A platform to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor workflows
  • celery

    9.6 9.4 L3 Python
    Distributed Task Queue (development branch)
  • luigi

    9.5 7.6 L3 Python
    Luigi is a Python module that helps you build complex pipelines of batch jobs. It handles dependency resolution, workflow management, visualization etc. It also comes with Hadoop support built in.
  • MLflow

    9.4 9.8 Python
    Open source platform for the machine learning lifecycle
  • PDM

    6.7 9.7 Python
    A modern Python package and dependency manager supporting the latest PEP standards
  • Pinball

    5.2 0.1 Python
    Pinball is a scalable workflow manager
  • pypyr automation task runner

    3.1 8.0 Python
    pypyr task-runner cli & api for automation pipelines. Automate anything by combining commands, different scripts in different languages & applications into one pipeline process.
  • spline

    1.1 0.4 Python
    Spline is a tool that is capable of running locally as well as part of well known pipelines like Jenkins (Jenkinsfile), Travis CI (.travis.yml) or similar ones.

    0.8 0.9 Python
    Robotic Process Automation in Windows and Linux by using BPMN diagrams.