Distributed Computing packages

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  • zipline

    9.6 8.9 L3 Python
    A Pythonic algorithmic trading library.
  • rq

    9.1 7.4 L3 Python
    Simple job queues for Python.
  • SCOOP (Scalable COncurrent Operations in Python)

    3.7 1.7 Python
    SCOOP (Scalable COncurrent Operations in Python)
  • KQ

    3.5 1.6 L4 Python
    Kafka-based Job Queue for Python
  • Streamz

    3.5 8.1 Python
    Builds pipelines to manage continuous streams of data
  • dask-memusage

    0.5 3.2 Python
    A low-impact profiler to figure out how much memory each task in Dask is using