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Database packages

Showing projects tagged as NoSQL Databases and Database

  • MongoEngine

    8.1 7.4 L2 Python
    A Python Object-Document-Mapper for working with MongoDB
  • django-mongodb-engine

    4.8 0.0 L3 Python
    Django MongoDB Backend
  • HappyBase

    4.3 2.3 L5 Python
    A developer-friendly Python library to interact with Apache HBase
  • Plyvel

    3.5 4.2 L4 Cython
    Plyvel, a fast and feature-rich Python interface to LevelDB
  • μMongo

    3.4 3.3 Python
    sync/async MongoDB ODM, yes.
  • flywheel

    2.2 0.0 L4 Python
    Object mapper for Amazon's DynamoDB
  • signac

    2.1 8.5 Python
    Manage large and heterogeneous data spaces on the file system.
  • py2neo

    1.6 0.0 L4 Python
    Py2neo is a comprehensive toolkit for working with Neo4j from within Python applications or from the command line.
  • MongoFrames

    1.4 0.0 L4 Python
    A fast unobtrusive MongoDB ODM for Python.
  • dbj

    0.9 3.6 Python
    Simple embedded in memory json database
  • MerkavaDB

    0.5 3.5 Rust
    A fast ordered NoSQL database.
  • SSShelf

    0.4 0.0 Python
    An ORM for S3