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  • connexion

    7.9 8.4 Python
    Connexion is a modern Python web framework that makes spec-first and api-first development easy.
  • Uplink

    4.4 0.6 Python
    A Declarative HTTP Client for Python
  • Data Flow Facilitator for Machine Learning (dffml)

    3.3 9.0 Python
    The easiest way to use Machine Learning. Mix and match underlying ML libraries and data set sources. Generate new datasets or modify existing ones with ease.
  • PatZilla

    2.0 5.4 Python
    PatZilla is a modular patent information research platform and data integration toolkit with a modern user interface and access to multiple data sources.
  • Cilantropy

    1.4 0.0 Python
    :four_leaf_clover: Cilantropy is a Python Package Manager interface created to provide an "easy-to-use" visual and also a command-line interface for Pythonistas. Works great on windows, linux, macos :star:
  • rest-framework-redesign

    0.7 7.2 HTML
    Redesign of the browsable api of Django REST Framework using Bootstrap 5