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  • zipline

    9.6 0.0 L3 Python
    Zipline, a Pythonic Algorithmic Trading Library
  • bokeh

    9.5 9.5 L4 Python
    Interactive Data Visualization in the browser, from Python
  • statsmodels

    9.2 9.4 L3 Python
    Statsmodels: statistical modeling and econometrics in Python
  • gspread

    8.5 9.6 L5 Python
    Google Sheets Python API
  • xlwings

    7.1 8.5 L4 Python
    xlwings is a Python library that makes it easy to call Python from Excel and vice versa. It works with Excel on Windows and macOS as well as with Google Sheets and Excel on the web.
  • xlwt

    5.4 0.0 L3 Python
    Writing and reading data and formatting information from Excel files.