Moto v2.2.10 Release Notes

  • New Services:
        * CloudTrail:
            * create_trail()
            * delete_trail()
            * describe_trails()
            * get_trail()
            * get_trail_status()
            * list_trails()
            * start_logging()
            * stop_logging()
    New Methods:
        * CognitoIDP:
            * admin_reset_user_password()
        * S3:
            * delete_bucket_replication()
            * get_bucket_replication()
            * put_bucket_replication()
        * ACM: describe_certificate(): the InUseBy-attribute will now show the appropriate Elastic Load Balancers 
        * AWSLambda: If you're running Linux, 'host.docker.internal' is now added as an extra host in the Docker container used to invoke the function.
                     This makes it easier for Lambda-functions to communicate with other servers running on the host-system.
        * CloudFormation: Now supports update/deletion of type AWS::SNS::Topic
        * CognitoIdentityProvider: list_users() now has improved support for the Filter-parameter
        * Kinesis: describe_stream() now supports the Filter-parameter
        * S3: list_object_versions() now supports the Delimiter and KeyMarker-parameter