Moto v3.1.8 Release Notes

  • Docker Digest for 3.1.8: sha256:a7d8c55eec8d75d75dd2532a6a0a9647935238236a54e4de7bb3f72bc28b7bf8

        * Moto now supports a way to delay state transitions. 
        * Moto now supports `@mock_batch_simple`, a way to mock the Batch-service without invoking Docker.
    New Methods:
        * CognitoIDP:
            * global_sign_out()
            * update_group()
            * update_user_attributes()
        * DataBrew:
            * delete_recipe_version()
            * list_recipe_versions()
            * publish_recipe()
        * IAM:
            * create_service_linked_role()
            * delete_service_linked_role()
            * get_service_linked_role_deletion_status()
        * Sagemaker:
            * update_endpoint_weights_and_capacities()
        * EC2: request_spot_fleet() now supports the parameters LaunchTemplateConfigs, InstanceInterruptionBehavior
        * EC2: request_spot_instances() now supports the InstanceInterruptionBehavior-parameter
        * EC2: The status of a SpotInstances request now automatically transitions to 'Active/Fulfilled'
        * EC2: Tags specified into create_launch_template() are now passed through when calling `run_instances()` with this template
        * RDS: describe_db_instances() now supports the filter `db-cluster-id`
        * TimestreamWrite: create_table() now supports the MagneticStoreWriteProps-parameter
        * TimestreamWrite: update_table() now supports the MagneticStoreWriteProps-parameter