Moto v3.1.7 Release Notes

  • Docker Digest for 3.1.7: sha256:d9661c13c2f790cbe9ed6531cefec132494fc0e8c37fcceca1f709292ef0880f

    New Methods:
        * SES:
            * get_identity_verification_attributes()
        * CognitoIDP: UserPools now come with default values for the following attributes: Policies, AdminCreateUserConfig, EmailConfiguration, VerificationMessageTemplate
        * ELBv2: Improved the response-format of the `create_rule()` and `set_rule_priorities()`-methods
        * MediaConnect: Now has the correct format for flow/source ARN's
        * Organizations: Fixes the behaviour for close_account()
        * Sagemaker: Now supports tagging of Models, EndpointConfigs, ProcessingJobs