MonkeyType v19.11.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-11-19 // about 2 years ago
    • 🔧 Trace per-key value types for dictionaries (up to a configured max size) and if the traced types are consistent, output a TypedDict in the stub instead of a homogenous dict. Thanks Pradeep Kumar Srinivasan. Merge of #143, fixes


    • 🛠 Fix crash with empty tuples. Thanks akayunov for the report, Christophe Simonis for the simplest-case repro. Fixes #136.

    • 🔀 Don't add stringified annotations to type stubs. Thanks Łukasz Langa. Merge of #148.

    • Don't crash in type rewriter on user-defined types that name-collide with container types from the typing module. Thanks Łukasz Langa. Merge of #146.

    • 📜 Load config after argument parsing instead of during it, to avoid argparse catching TypeError/ValueError at import time of a custom config and replacing with a generic "invalid value" message. See Thanks Daniel G Holmes for the report. Merge of #142, fixes #141.

    • 🔀 Typing support for collections.defaultdict. Thanks Dinesh Kesavan. Merge of #152.