MongoFrames v1.3.4 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-05-25 // about 5 years ago
  • This release has moved the minimum pymongo requirement to 3.8+. To support this change we've replaced a number of pymongo deprecated method calls, including update with update_one and count with count_documents or estimated_document_count. This does not change theupdate and count methods / API for MongoFrames.

    🛠 In addition I fixed an issue where using $slice in a reference projection wasn't correctly, for example in the expression:

     projection={ 'name': True, 'show\_date\_str': True, 'leads': { '$ref': User, '$slice': 1, 'first\_name': True, 'last\_name': True } }

    This now correctly selects the first Id in the leads field to use as a reference when selecting the assoicated users