mock v4.0.3 Release Notes

    • Issue #42532: Remove unexpected call of __bool__ when passing a spec_arg argument to a Mock.

    • ⏪ Issue #39966: Revert bpo-25597. :class:unittest.mock.MagicMock with wraps' set uses default return values for magic methods.

    • 🤡 Issue #41877: Mock objects which are not unsafe will now raise an AttributeError if an attribute with the prefix asert, aseert, or assrt is accessed, in addition to this already happening for the prefixes assert or assret.

    • ⏪ Issue #40126: Fixed reverting multiple patches in unittest.mock. Patcher's __exit__() is now never called if its __enter__() is failed. Returning true from __exit__() silences now the exception.