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  • v0.12.3 Changes

    November 22, 2011
    • Fixed Disqus single-sign-on bug where message is overwritten to and returned incorrectly in payload - Brett Clouser
    • Changed thumbnail test to remove test thumbnail even if test fails - Stephen McDonald
  • v0.12.2 Changes

    November 18, 2011
    • Added the mezzanine.utils.html.TagCloser class that closes open tags in a string of HTML. Used in Displayable.description_from_content to ensure valid HTML is returned when extracting the first block/sentence. Fixes #100 - stephenmcd
  • v0.12.1 Changes

    November 18, 2011
    • possibility to insert fieldsets' fields in classes extended from DisplayableAdmin (was not possible, tuples are immutable) - Zdeněk Softič
    • Added handling in BaseGenericRelation for actual instance being deleted. Fixes #103 - stephenmcd
    • Added testing for correct keyword string population on keyword removal - stephenmcd
  • v0.12 Changes

    November 05, 2011
    • added allow_comments flag to blog, and moved the site filed up the class hierarchy from Displayable to Slugged, plus migrations - legutierr
    • KeywordManager needs to subclass CurrentSiteManager in order to take advantage of multi-site capability added to Slugged - legutierr
    • This is probably the most complex migration I have written. Read inline comments for more information - legutierr
    • Fixed unicode handling in CSV export in the forms app - stephenmcd
    • Fixed Django 1.3/1.4 feed handling - stephenmcd
    • Added fallbacks for blog feed title and description for when the blog page doesn't exist - stephenmcd
    • Added response tests for the blog feeds - stephenmcd
    • Added handling for spaces in keywords - stephenmcd
    • Fixed meta keywords loading in blog post templates - stephenmcd
    • Upgraded keyword handling in mobile templates - stephenmcd
    • Changed keywords_for template tag to handle None being given as an instance - stephenmcd
    • Added support for using generic relations as order_with_respect_to on subclasses of Orderable, and applied to AssignedKeyword so that keyword order is maintained - stephenmcd
    • Fixed check for generic relations in Orderable - stephenmcd
    • Stringify secret_key because hmac hates unicode - Ken Bolton
    • Fix issue #97. Add PNG support - Ken Bolton
    • Renamed export related areas to entries in the forms app and added handling for deleting form entries - stephenmcd
    • Added mezzanine.utils.messages module with fallbacks for the django.contrib.messages app - stephenmcd
    • Added a count for the number of entries displayed in the admin for the forms app - stephenmcd
    • Use css selectors rather than JS for injecting the count in the admin entries view for the forms app - stephenmcd
    • Added a comment to the urlconf in project_template describing the importance of ordering in relation to mezzanine.pages urlpatterns when adding your own - stephenmcd
    • Added the mezzanine.boot app which exists for handling setup code, and added the EXTRA_MODEL_FIELDS setting which is used by boot to inject extra fields onto any models required via the class_prepared signal - stephenmcd
    • Use the DEV_SERVER setting when setting up Grappelli media hosting - stephenmcd
    • Updated the EXTRA_MODEL_FIELDS example in - stephenmcd
    • Added EXTRA_MODEL_FIELDS to mezzanine.conf.defaults - stephenmcd
    • Added initial docs for model field customization - stephenmcd
    • Restructured the docs into more logical paragraphs and added some missing modules to the packages docs - stephenmcd
    • Allow for non-keyword args for fields in EXTRA_MODEL_FIELDS - stephenmcd
    • Initial attempt at a subclassable MixinModel for injecting fields and methods into external models - stephenmcd
    • Add png & gif thumbnailing. Support for filebrowser FileBrowseField thumbnailing - Ken Bolton
    • Somehow, this didn't make it up to my repo - Ken Bolton
    • if setting in registry is no more registered, delete it from registry - btx
    • Added sections to the model customizations docs about field injection caveats and exposing custom fields in the admin - stephenmcd
    • Updated grappelli version requirement - stephenmcd
  • v0.11.10 Changes

    September 24, 2011
    • Upgraded pyflakes test to handle latest version of pyflakes - stephenmcd
    • better fix by Stephen for dynamic inline fields focus issue - Eli Spizzichino
    • Changed install command to only fake migrations when South is installed - stephenmcd
    • Renamed install command to createdb and added deprecation warning for install - stephenmcd
  • v0.11.9 Changes

    September 21, 2011
    • Added defaults for cookie messaging with Django >= 1.3 - stephenmcd
    • Moved description and keywords fields out of Displayable and into their own MetaData abstract model - stephenmcd
    • Added handling for changes to the syndication app in Django 1.4 - stephenmcd
    • Added feed imports to suppressed pyflakes warnings - stephenmcd
    • Removed fixtures from tests - stephenmcd
    • Fixed device template test - stephenmcd
    • Enable iframe, xhtmlxtras in tinymce - Ken Bolton
    • Bumped grappelli-safe version requirement - stephenmcd
  • v0.11.8 Changes

    August 23, 2011
    • Fixed incorrect setting name in device handling docs - stephenmcd
  • v0.11.7 Changes

    August 18, 2011
    • Upgraded DISQUS handling in the blog templates to properly use the generic app, as well as fixing DISQUS identifiers to be unique across different models - stephenmcd
  • v0.11.6 Changes

    August 13, 2011
    • Decorate blog posts in blog_post_list with lists of categories and keywords - stephenmcd
    • Added a has_childen helper to page objects in the page menus - stephenmcd
    • Fixed styling of fixed footer in admin change form when Grappelli is not used - stephenmcd
    • Fixed migration of object_pk in Rating and AssignedKeyword - David Prusaczyk
    • Added null defaults for generic migration fix - stephenmcd
    • Created an install management command that combines syncdb and migrate --fake to correct the issue of initial migrations failing with multiple apps. As a result reverted USE_SOUTH default to True and removed the handling of south for fixture loading - stephenmcd
    • Fixed a bug in orderable inlines where order fields would be wiped on inlines that only contain a file upload field - stephenmcd
    • Fixed quick-blog form styling to be fluid - stephenmcd
    • Fixed bug with url field hiding logic - stephenmcd
    • Added a custom slugify function to mezzanine.utils.urls that preserves unicode chars to support non-English URLs - stephenmcd
    • Updated jquery-ui version. Fixes #80 - stephenmcd
    • Add placeholders for dynamic inline sorting - stephenmcd
    • Fixed category decorator query in blog post list when there are no blog posts - stephenmcd
    • merging pending changes to mezzanine trunk - legutierr
    • Migration adding site field to dynamic settings needs to be split into separate schema and data migrations - legutierr
    • Fixed slug calculation for pages so that actual parent slugs are used. Fixes #82 - stephenmcd
    • fixed unicode encode error with cyrillic slugs in template loader - Andrew Grigrev
    • switch to turn comments on blog posts on/off - Johnny Brown
    • fixed unicode encode error with cyrillic slugs in template loader in other places - Andrew Grigrev
    • changed google analytics js to what they gave me - Johnny Brown
    • Added ARA Consultants to site using Mezzanine - stephenmcd
  • v0.11.5 Changes

    July 03, 2011
    • Changed device test to use a page it creates itself - stephenmcd
    • Updated old contentpage template in the mobile theme to richtextpage - stephenmcd