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  • v0.11.4 Changes

    July 03, 2011
    • fixes 500 error on mobile theme (bad template tag) - Owen Nelson
    • Updated processor_for as exceptions received were TypeError get_model() takes at least 3 arguments (2 given) not a ValueError - Josh Cartmell
    • Fixed some new pyflakes warnings - stephenmcd
    • Only run thumbnail test when the test image is in the current project (eg Mezzanine dev) - stephenmcd
    • Fixed tinyMCE setup to allow tables - Zeke Harris
    • Fix allowing inline editing of form content on form pages by avoiding naming conflicts with the inline editing form - Josh Cartmell
    • Update example settings. Fixes #70 - stephenmcd
    • Don't use HTML5 required attributes on multiple checkboxes - stephenmcd
    • Adding site FK to mezzanine.conf.models.Setting and read/write hooks to present content based on current_site - Ken Bolton
    • Allow override of GRAPPELLI_ADMIN_HEADLINE and _TITLE in - Ken Bolton
    • Proper setting of default values for GRAPPELLI_ADMIN_HEADLINE and _TITLE, to fix #74 - Ken Bolton
    • Proper setting of default values for GRAPPELLI_ADMIN_HEADLINE and _TITLE - Ken Bolton
    • Update the site for existing settings when migrating - stephenmcd
    • added post_count to blog_categories tag - Michael Delaney
    • Added select_related for blog list view - stephenmcd
  • v0.11.3 Changes

    June 09, 2011
    • catches exception generated when trying to retrieve the admin url for a model that is not registered, to allow some Page models not to be registered in the admin - legutierr
    • migration 0004 conflated a schema migration and a data migration, which was causing problems with MySQL. The two are now separated - legutierr
    • pass all form media to the template - Owen Nelson
    • adding docs for RICHTEXT_FILTER setting - Owen Nelson
    • updated docs on how to customize RICHTEXT_FILTER - Owen Nelson
  • v0.11.2 Changes

    May 31, 2011
    • compile language files, compiled blog, mobile, twitter language files - Alexey Makarenya
    • Updated to fluid version - stephenmcd
    • Remove mezzanine from internal Mezzanine urls - stephenmcd
    • Test to verify if thumbnail generation is working - Brent Hoover
    • Added 500 handler view that adds MEDIA_URL to the context - stephenmcd
    • Fixed unicode handling in KeywordsWidget rendering - stephenmcd
    • Added pip requirments to project_template and use it to define Mezzanine's actual version number - stephenmcd
    • Reverted change to storing version number to work with docs generation - stephenmcd
  • v0.11.1 Changes

    May 24, 2011
    • Upgraded comment handling to work with new comment models in base blog importer. Fixes #59 - stephenmcd
    • Only look for tags if it isn't going to throw an AtributeError - rich
    • Only look for tags if it isn't going to throw an AttributeError - rich
    • Split mezzanine.core.admin.DynamicInlineAdmin out into TabularDynamicInlineAdmin and StackedDynamicInlineAdmin - stephenmcd
    • Fixed missing media from dynamic admin form - stephenmcd
    • Added the template filter is_installed which can be used to test for values in the INSTALLED_APPS setting from within templates - stephenmcd
    • Added is_installed for blog app around feed urls in mobile base template - stephenmcd
    • Added integration with django's sitemaps app - stephenmcd
    • Added handling in KeywordsWidget for the keywords field not existing in the request. Fixes #64 - stephenmcd
    • Fixed issue where admin.StackedInlines would not display in the admin - Josh Cartmell
    • Updated tinymce_setup.js to only initialize when TinyMCE is available - stephenmcd
    • Updated dynamic_inline.js to support StackedDynamicInlineAdmin - stephenmcd
    • Reordered jQuery in base_site.html to avoid issues when Grappelli isn't installed - stephenmcd
    • Added CSS classes to each of the comment fields - stephenmcd
    • Addd better hanadling in the keyword widget for when no keyword field is in the request. Previous fix only corrected the field not existing in the form object - stephenmcd
    • Fixed the version check for collapse_backport.js - stephenmcd
    • Added Single-Sign-On support to Disqus templates - Brett Clouser
    • Added handling for unauthenticated users and empty key settings for Disqus single sign-on - stephenmcd
    • Updated auto-generated settings docs - stephenmcd
    • Added some sys.path fixing in to avoid some cron issues - stephenmcd
    • Changed object_pk fields to integer fields in the generic app to resolve some issues with Postgres - stephenmcd
    • Added migrations for object_pk change in generic. Fixes #66 - stephenmcd
    • Fixed loading of blog posts for a tag - stephenmcd
  • v0.11 Changes

    April 30, 2011
    • Created a GRAPPELLI_INSTALLED setting that is dynamically set, and made it available to JavaScript in the admin so that this can be determined reliably without depending on Grappelli specific HTML/CSS - stephenmcd
    • Made the default value for the DASHBOARD_TAGS setting dynamically created based on whether is in settings.INSTALLED_APPS - stephenmcd
    • Added commented-out versions of some common Mezzanine settings to the project_template's settings module - stephenmcd
    • French locale for all other apps - Dominique Guardiola
    • Updated inline-editing docs to include a note about the tags already being provided by themes - stephenmcd
    • Added setting for specifying the delimiter for CSV exports in the forms app - stephenmcd
    • Added an option to view entries in a HTML table when exporting for the forms app - stephenmcd
    • Fixed Page.get_absolute_url to use its static slug rather than dynamic get_slug. Fixes #45 - stephenmcd
    • Making Query.value a varchar(300) to allow for larger queries - John Campbell
    • make value length 140 instead of 300 since the max twitter query is 140 currently - John Campbell
    • Added migration for twitter query length - stephenmcd
    • Converted blog categories to a ManyToManyField - stephenmcd
    • Added migration scripts for blog categories - stephenmcd
    • not sure how there wasn't one of these already - Tom von Schwerdtner
    • Added post counts to archive and author listings for blog posts - stephenmcd
    • add a label to registered settings for a more human-friendly admin UI - Tom von Schwerdtner
    • A meta title for the default project homepage - Tom von Schwerdtner
    • add title/tagline to admin settings - Tom von Schwerdtner
    • a (slightly) better default tagline, and make settings available to templates - Tom von Schwerdtner
    • Move the LOGIN_URL default into the project's settings module so it can be modified - stephenmcd
    • Modified the AdminLoginInterfaceSelector middleware to recognise next paramters in the querystring, and redirect to those regardless of the interface option selected on the login form - stephenmcd
    • Applied SITE_TITLE and SITE_TAGLINE to templates - stephenmcd
    • Made description field for meta data into plain text - stephenmcd
    • Added descriptions for new settings - stephenmcd
    • Added styling for the blog tagline - stephenmcd
    • Updated the auto-generated settings docs - stephenmcd
    • Implemented initial version of custom per-page permissions - stephenmcd
    • Added some template code to the gallery example in docs - stephenmcd
    • Changed TinyMCE setup to properly support embed code - stephenmcd
    • Integrated the SITE_TITLE and SITE_TAGLINE settings better into templates - stephenmcd
    • Removed handling of HTML from Displayable.description - stephenmcd
    • Updated the settings docs with the restored defaults for the SITE_TITLE and SITE_TAGLINE settings - stephenmcd
    • Added a section to the admin customization docs about defining custom widget classes for HtmlField fields - stephenmcd
    • Changed mezzanine-project script to exclude admin templates - stephenmcd
    • Added note to deployment docs about setting up a cron job for Twitter feeds - stephenmcd
    • Added embedded robots.txt to prevent spidering when DEBUG is enabled - stephenmcd
    • Fixed handling of anonymous comments in the Disqus API - stephenmcd
    • Changed handling of editable settings to force unicode for settings with string defaults. Fixes #52 - stephenmcd
    • Initial version of refactoring comments into Django's built-in comments, and moving them into the new generic package - stephenmcd
    • Added multi-site capability and tests, updated jso page fixtures to include site reference - legutierr
    • added migrations for the new site field on Displayable - legutierr
    • Fixed bug in login redirect - was defaulting to /accounts/profile/ upon login before and showing the logged in user a 404 error. Now defaults to /admin/ - Audrey M Roy
    • Added migrate command to setup steps. Closes #54 - stephenmcd
    • Fixed incorrect tag lib name in template - stephenmcd
    • Added documentation regarding multi-site to the deployment page in the docs - legutierr
    • Fixed mezzanine-project script where an error would occur when more than one project template with admin templates was used - stephenmcd
    • Refactored the Keywords model to use generic relations and moved it and all related functionality into mezzanine.generic - stephenmcd
    • Fixed a bug where django.conf.settings would override mezzanine.conf.settings - stephenmcd
    • Added tests for keywords - stephenmcd
    • Added migrations for keywords - stephenmcd
    • Updated mezzanine/core/media/js/dynamic_inline.js to allow multiple DynamicInlineAdmins on a single admin page - Josh Cartmell
    • Fixed a potential circular import bug - stephenmcd
    • Added more error handling to the processor_for page processor decorator - stephenmcd
    • Added delete links to the admin page tree - stephenmcd
    • Updated search to respect published status - Josh Cartmell
    • Small fix to Keywords Field. Stops instance from saving if keyword data is empty - Osiloke Emoekpere
    • Removed DEV_SERVER setting from local_settings module template, since this is defined dynamically - stephenmcd
    • Removed south from the OPTIONAL_APPS setting, since the addition of this to a project needs to be controlled manually, as the order of initial migrations for each app cannot be guarenteed and will break if used to create the tables for these apps. Added the USE_SOUTH boolean setting which can be defined to automatically have south added to INSTALLED_APPS when available. Fixes #53 - stephenmcd
    • Removed handling of admin user for returning unpublished search results - stephenmcd
    • Added test to ensure only published objects are returned as search results - stephenmcd
    • Fixed bug where superclasses in concrete model inheritence chains would cause duplicate search results - stephenmcd
    • Fixed bug where _order values were not being set for dynamic inlines - stephenmcd
    • Added extra_context arg to - stephenmcd
    • Refactored the page processor to only accept one argument since its behaviour is to only deal with one - stephenmcd
    • Added note to docs about slug-based page processors - stephenmcd
    • Removed migrate command from installation notes since south is no longer automatically configured - stephenmcd
    • Re-sequenced the migrations for the field - stephenmcd
    • Applied workaround for unexplainable Django issue where certain signals get lost - stephenmcd
    • Updated settings form template to have a submit row and error note consistent with other admin change forms - stephenmcd
    • Added ratings to mezzanine.generic and applied to the blog app - stephenmcd
    • Updated auto-generated settings docs - stephenmcd
    • Added handling for page menus where parent page is explicitly provided. Fixes #58 - stephenmcd
    • Renamed Content to RichText, ContentPage to RichTextPage, and HtmlField to RichTextField - stephenmcd
    • Fixed handling of USE_SOUTH setting so that south is also removed when explicitly set to False - stephenmcd
    • Updated template for RichTextPage - stephenmcd
    • Fixed toolbar styling for TinyMce inside the inline editing form - stephenmcd
  • v0.10.6 Changes

    February 13, 2011
    • blog strings from html templates - Dominique Guardiola
    • Apply the CSRF token to all AJAX posts in the admin - stephenmcd
  • v0.10.5 Changes

    February 10, 2011
    • Updated mezzanine.utils.importing name in package docs - stephenmcd
    • Changed cache handling to remove middleware classes if no cache backend specified - stephenmcd
    • Refactored adding of optional apps so that it only occurs once, and the ordering of installed apps so that order is not modified unless necessary (eg grappelli) - stephenmcd
    • Moved generation of docs/settings.rst and CHANGELOG from docs/ into functions in - stephenmcd
    • Fixed admin fieldsets example in docs - stephenmcd
    • Removed includes from mobile theme that replicated JavaScript common to all devices - stephenmcd
    • Fixed JavaScript for Discus comments - include the absolute URL - stephenmcd
    • Fixed module margin in admin dashboard - stephenmcd
    • Changed Google Anylatics code so that the main tracking args can be overridden via a block - stephenmcd
    • Reverted Google Analytics block in favour of checking for an existing _gaq JavaScript var - stephenmcd
    • fix for ajax in admin not using csrf token for forms. fix for django 1.2.5 - lexual
  • v0.10.4 Changes

    January 28, 2011
    • Fixed regression in cache defaults. Django defaults to a 5 minute memory cache which functions with Mezzanine's caching middleware installed by default. We now set the cache backend to dummy if no cache backend is defined in the project's settings module - stephenmcd
  • v0.10.3 Changes

    January 28, 2011
    • Renamed the module mezzanine.utils.path to the more accurate mezzanine.utils.importing - stephenmcd
    • Added the function mezzanine.utils.importing.import_dotted_path for importing via Python paths to names which are defined as string settings - stephenmcd
    • Removed the cache defaults - stephenmcd
  • v0.10.2 Changes

    January 26, 2011
    • Updated docs to describe approach for adding fieldsets to subclasses of PageAdmin - stephenmcd
    • Added a depth arg for select_related in the recent comments panel of the admin dashboard - stephenmcd
    • Restored depth arg for select_related in blog manager - stephenmcd
    • Added deployment section to docs describing the various aliases required for serving media files, and added a management command which prints these out - stephenmcd
    • Grammar fix in docs - stephenmcd
    • Added lost password link to login template - stephenmcd
    • Fixed the handling for creating the default user when south is installed. Closes #34 - stephenmcd