Mezzanine v3.0.8 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-02-05 // over 8 years ago
    • Use binary mode when opening the image to be copied on a remote server - Sylvain Fankhauser
    • Fixed regression when validating displayable content field against published status - Stephen McDonald
    • Fix static proxy handling - Stephen McDonald
    • Fix string checking in page processors. Closes #931 - Stephen McDonald
    • Handle the different method of importing filebrowser urls when the upstream version is installed. Closes #925 - Stephen McDonald
    • Rename account URL prefix to match Django's by adding the plural s. Catch and redirect any old urls to the new scheme - Sam Kingston
    • Tidy up old account redirect view - Sam Kingston
    • Added tests to static_proxy - Alejandro Peralta
    • Handle next param in old_account_redirect - Stephen McDonald
    • In Mezzanine's runserver, also serve up static files in STATIC_ROOT - Stephen McDonald
    • Bump filebrowser-safe to 0.3.2 - Stephen McDonald
    • Use instead of file.url for getting name of file in GalleryImage. is universal accross storages and can be used not only with. FileSystem storage but with S3 storage as well ( is used to. create the url). Also with using name instead of url we will not have. problems with encoding and python version - Venelin Stoykov