Mezzanine v1.4.9 Release Notes

Release Date: 2013-07-10 // over 8 years ago
    • Allow deployments to be run from project subdirectories - Stephen McDonald
    • Add support for settings.RICHTEXT_FILTERS. RICHTEXT_FILTERS is a list of items that are valid for the. RICHTEXT_FILTER setting. The plural version takes precedence if it is. available and non-empty. Each item in RICHTEXT_FILTERS is applied in. order. An alias for the richtext_filter template filter has been added to. match the plural nature of the new setting: richtext_filters simply. calls on richtext_filter for its output - Tim Valenta
    • Fixed blog post categories list in blog_post_list.html template - Artem Gluvchynsky
    • Removed redundant jQuery media from KeywordsWidget - Artem Gluvchynsky
    • Use urljoin in Page.get_absolute_url for link pages - Dheeraj Sayala
    • RTL: fix position of changelink icon in page tree after recent changes. Problem introduced in aec1a0462b60, which solves an issue due to long. page names - Ahmad Khayyat
    • Comma separate categories in blog post listing - Stephen McDonald
    • Update docs for new RICHTEXT_FILTERS setting - Stephen McDonald
    • Properly deprecate RICHTEXT_FILTER setting in favour of RICHTEXT_FILTERS (plural) setting - Stephen McDonald
    • Update templates to use new richtext_filters (plural) tag - Stephen McDonald
    • Allow a single BCC address in addition to list/tuple. BCC fails if the addr_bcc argument is a single address rather than a list/tuple. This commit wraps a single address in a list to fix this problem - Alex Hill
    • Make sure request._messages has been set before trying to access it. This is for cases where the MessageMiddleware hasn't had a chance to. run, e.g when a previous middleware returned an exception - Gu1
    • Use a separate key setting for nevercache tokens - Stephen McDonald
    • Add is_current_parent on pages filtering - Antoine Catton
    • Remove field related to Django built-in user model. South is expecting those fields to be in the database. So it is. selecting them, since some custom user models don't have them, this can. break this migration - Antoine Catton