Mezzanine v1.4.15 Release Notes

Release Date: 2013-09-29 // about 8 years ago
    • Blog: Generate RSS and Atom feeds through richtext_filters - Eduardo Rivas
    • Delete BS2 static resources. Add BS3 resources: css, js and fonts - Eduardo Rivas
    • Migrated base.html and all it's includes to BS3 - Eduardo Rivas
    • Strip STATIC_URL, leading / from proxied URLs. STATIC_URL often contains host or generic_host (esp. if STATIC_URL is a. path on the same domain), so it needs to be removed first to ensure it. is removed completely. Also removed leading '/' from URL, since it. appears staticfiles doesn't like absolute paths - Adam Brenecki
    • Added a function mezzanine.utils.urls.next_url which is used to retrieve redirect URLs from a request's next param, while verifying that the redirect URL is valid - Stephen McDonald
    • Fix min Dajngo version - Stephen McDonald
    • Use request.get_host rather than request.META['HTTP_HOST'] - Stephen McDonald
    • Fix Django version for travis - Stephen McDonald