lupin helps in serializing python objects (user classes) to native Python types (dict, list, etc.) and loading data to python complex objects.

You can use your existing models (and don't need to modify them) in order to make them work with lupin. You just have to define a schema and bind it to your class in order to make it work.

It handles polymorphic lists and associations. For example if in one list there are a User and an Admin object, then it will be able to load and dump those objects to native python datatypes or load the list with one instance of the User class and the other one with the Admin class.

It can also be used to validate incoming data. Complex validators combinations can be made in order to make the data validation process easier For example if a field is defined with this validators combination : `Equal("Lupin") | Equal("Andrésy")` then the validation stage will only pass if the data is Andrésy or Lupin.

Programming language: Python
Tags: Serialization     JSON     Schema     Mapper     Validation    

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