apache-libcloud v2.8.3 Release Notes

  • Compute

    - 🛠 Fix ``deploy_node()`` so an exception is not thrown if any of the output
      (stdout / stderr) produced by the deployment script contains a non-valid utf-8
      Previously, user would see an error similar to "Failed after 3 tries: 'utf-8'
      codec can't decode byte 0xc0 in position 37: invalid start byte".
      And now we simply ignore byte sequences which we can't decode and include
      rest of the output which can be decoded.
      [Tomaz Muraus - @Kami]
    • [AWS S3] Make sure driver works correctly for objects with ~ in the name.

    Now when sanitizing the object name, we don't url encode ~ character.

    Reported by Michael Militzer - @mmilitzer. (GITHUB-1452, GITHUB-1457) [Tomaz Muraus]