isort v5.9.3 Release Notes

Release Date: 2021-07-28 // 3 months ago
    • Improved text of skipped file message to mention gitignore feature.
    • Made all exceptions pickleable.
    • Fixed #1779: Pylama integration ignores pylama specific isort config overrides.
    • Fixed #1781: --from-first CLI flag shouldn't take any arguments.
    • Fixed #1792: Sorting literals sometimes ignored when placed on first few lines of file.
    • Fixed #1777: extend_skip is not honored wit a git submodule when skip_gitignore=true.

Previous changes from v5.9.2

    • Improved behavior of isort --check --atomic against Cython files.
    • Fixed #1769: Future imports added below assignments when no other imports present.
    • Fixed #1772: skip-gitignore will check files not in the git repository.
    • Fixed #1762: in some cases when skip-gitignore is set, isort fails to skip any files.
    • Fixed #1767: Encoding issues surfacing when invalid characters set in files during placement.
    • Fixed #1771: Improved handling of skips against named streamed in content.