hebel v0.02.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-05-22 // about 10 years ago
  • 05-22-2014

    • ➕ Added setup.py
    • ➕ Added to PyPi

Previous changes from v0.02

  • 05-08-2014

    • 🏁 Windows compatibility (Thanks to @Wainberg)
    • ⬆️ CUDA 4.x is no longer supported, please upgrade to CUDA 5 or CUDA 6
    • All initialization is now handled through hebel.init(). No need to initialize PyCUDA separately anymore.
    • LogisticLayer has been renamed to SoftmaxLayer. LogisticLayer now does binary classification while SoftmaxLayer is for multiclass classification.
    • Framework for cross-validation.
    • When ProgressMonitor has save_interval=None, then only the currently best model is serialized. If it is a positive integer, then regular snapshots of the model are stored with that frequency.