geopy v1.23.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-06-27 // almost 3 years ago
  • 🚀 This is the last feature release for the 1.x series, as geopy 2.0 has been
    🛠 released. The 1.x series will not receive any new features or bugfixes
    unless explicitly asked on the issue tracker.

    ➕ ADDED: Units Conversion docs section.

    ➕ ADDED: Docs now explicitly clarify that geocoding services
    don't consider altitudes. (#165)

    ➕ ADDED: Point.format_unicode method. It was always present as
    __unicode__ magic for Python 2.7, and now it can be accessed
    as a public method.

    🔖 ADDED: geopy. __version_info__ tuple which can be used to dynamically
    compare geopy version.

    ➕ ADDED: pytest --skip-tests-requiring-internet switch (might be useful
    📦 for downstream package maintainers). (#413)

    🔄 CHANGED: Points with different altitudes now emit a warning
    ⚠ in distance computations. In geopy 2.0 the warning would become
    👻 an exception. (#387)

    🔄 CHANGED: Improved Point docs: added missing public methods,
    ➕ added more examples.

    🔄 CHANGED: Nominatim started emitting warnings for a number of sample
    user agents mentioned in the docs, such as specify_your_app_name_here.

    🛠 FIXED: IGNFrance ignored proxies with username + password auth. (#289)