geopy v1.22.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-05-11 // over 3 years ago

    ➕ ADDED: AlgoliaPlaces geocoder.
    Contributed by Álvaro Mondéjar. (#405)

    ➕ ADDED: BaiduV3 geocoder. (#394)

    ➕ ADDED: MapQuest geocoder.
    Contributed by Pratheek Rebala. (#399)

    ➕ ADDED: MapTiler geocoder.
    Contributed by chilfing. (#397)

    ➕ ADDED: Nominatim-based geocoders: zoom parameter
    has been added to the reverse method.
    Contributed by David Mueller. (#406)

    ➕ ADDED: GoogleV3 added support for lists in components param
    which allows to specify multiple components with the same name.
    Contributed by Pratheek Rebala. (#409)

    📚 CHANGED: Updated links to Nominatim documentation.
    Contributed by Sarah Hoffmann. (#403)

    🔄 CHANGED: Yandex now issues a deprecation warning when lang
    parameter is specified in __init__. lang should be passed
    to geocode and reverse instead. (#350)

    🔄 CHANGED: format_string param has been marked as deprecated
    🚚 in all geocoders and will be removed in geopy 2.0.
    👀 See the new Specifying Parameters Once doc section for alternatives.

    🛠 FIXED: IGNFrance incorrectly processed empty results: geocode
    has been raising an IndexError, reverse was returning an empty
    list. Now they both return None. (#244)

    🛠 FIXED: TomTom geocoder has been raising GeocoderInsufficientPrivileges
    👻 exception for rate limiting errors instead of GeocoderQuotaExceeded.