GeoIP v1.3.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-08-22 // almost 10 years ago
    • The description for org_by_name incorrectly directed people to use
      name_by_addr rather than name_by_name.
    • Previously GeoIP.country_names was populated from GeoIP_country_name in
      the libGeoIP C API. Some versions of the libGeoIP include non-ASCII
      ISO-8859-1 characters in these names, causing encoding errors under Python
      1. When installed under Python 3, this API now uses UTF-8 country names to
        🛠 populate this dict. Reported and fixed by Sergey Farbotka. GitHub PR #15.

Previous changes from v1.3.1

    • 🛠 Fix for broken strings in Python 3. Strings with non-ASCII characters would throw a UTF-8 decoding error. In Python 3, all strings from the database are in UTF-8 and using set_charset to set the character set to something other than UTF-8 will throw an ValueError exception.