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  • v0.4.0 Changes

    October 31, 2014
    • In extarctBests() and extractOne() use '>=' instead of '>' [Юрий Пайков]

    • 🛠 Fixed python3 issue with SequenceMatcher import. [Юрий Пайков]

  • v0.3.3 Changes

    October 22, 2014
    • Fixed issue #59 - "partial" parameter for _token_set() is now honored. [Юрий Пайков]

    • Catch generators without lengths. [Jeremiah Lowin]

    • ✂ Remove explicit check for lists. [Jeremiah Lowin]

    The logic in process.extract() should support any Python sequence/iterable. The explicit check for lists is unnecessary and limiting (for example, it forces conversion of generators and other iterable classes to lists).

  • v0.3.2 Changes

    September 12, 2014
    • 🚀 Make release command an executable. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

    • Simplify [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

    • ➕ Add a release script. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

    • 🛠 Fix readme codeblock. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

    • Minor formatting. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

    • 🔖 Use version from fuzzywuzzy package. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

    • 🔖 Set version constant in [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

    • 📇 Rename LICENSE to LICENSE.txt. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

  • v0.3.0 Changes

    August 24, 2014
    • ✅ Test dict input to extractOne() [jamesnunn]

    • ✂ Remove whitespace. [jamesnunn]

    • Choices parameter for extract() accepts both dict and list objects. [jamesnunn]

    • ✅ Enable automated testing with Python 3.4. [Corey Farwell]

    • 🛠 Fixed typo: lettters -> letters. [Tal Einat]

    • 🛠 Fixing LICENSE and README's license info. [Dallas Gutauckis]

    • Proper ordered list. [Jeff Paine]

    • Convert README to rst. [Jeff Paine]

    • ➕ Add requirements.txt per discussion in #44. [Jeff Paine]

    • ➕ Add LICENSE TO [Jeff Paine]

    • ✅ Rename to more common [Jeff Paine]

    • ➕ Add proper MANIFEST template. [Jeff Paine]

    • ✂ Remove MANIFEST file Not meant to be kept in version control. [Jeff Paine]

    • ✂ Remove unused file. [Jeff Paine]

    • Pep8. [Jeff Paine]

    • Pep8 formatting. [Jeff Paine]

    • Pep8 formatting. [Jeff Paine]

    • Pep8 indentations. [Jeff Paine]

    • Pep8 cleanup. [Jeff Paine]

    • Pep8. [Jeff Paine]

    • Pep8 cleanup. [Jeff Paine]

    • Pep8 cleanup. [Jeff Paine]

    • 💅 Pep8 import style. [Jeff Paine]

    • Pep8 import ordering. [Jeff Paine]

    • Pep8 import ordering. [Jeff Paine]

    • ✂ Remove unused module. [Jeff Paine]

    • Pep8 import ordering. [Jeff Paine]

    • ✂ Remove unused module. [Jeff Paine]

    • Pep8 import ordering. [Jeff Paine]

    • ✂ Remove unused imports. [Jeff Paine]

    • ✂ Remove unused module. [Jeff Paine]

    • ✂ Remove import * where present. [Jeff Paine]

    • Avoid import * [Jeff Paine]

    • ➕ Add Travis CI badge. [Jeff Paine]

    • ✂ Remove python 2.4, 2.5 from Travis (not supported) [Jeff Paine]

    • ➕ Add python 2.4 and 2.5 to Travis. [Jeff Paine]

    • ➕ Add all supported python versions to travis. [Jeff Paine]

    • ⬆️ Bump minor version number. [Jeff Paine]

    • ➕ Add classifiers for python versions. [Jeff Paine]

    • ➕ Added note about python-Levenshtein speedup. Closes #34. [Jose Diaz- Gonzalez]

    • 🛠 Fixed tests on 2.6. [Grigi]

    • 🛠 Fixed py2.6. [Grigi]

    • 👮 Force bad_chars to ascii. [Grigi]

    • Since importing unicode_literals, u decorator not required on strings from py2.6 and up. [Grigi]

    • 👍 Py3 support without 2to3. [Grigi]

    • Created: Added .travis.yml. [futoase]

    • 📄 [enh] Add docstrings to [Olivier Le Thanh Duong]

    Turn the existings comments into docstrings so they can be seen via introspection

    • Don't condense multiple punctuation characters to a single whitespace. this is a behavioral change. [Adam Cohen]

    • UQRatio and UWRatio shorthands. [Adam Cohen]

    • 🔖 Version 0.2. [Adam Cohen]

    • Unicode/string comparison bug. [Adam Cohen]

    • 0️⃣ To maintain backwards compatibility, default is to force_ascii as before. [Adam Cohen]

    • 🛠 Fix merge conflict. [Adam Cohen]

    • 🆕 New process function: extractBests. [Flávio Juvenal]

    • More readable reverse sorting. [Flávio Juvenal]

    • Further honoring of force_ascii. [Adam Cohen]

    • Indentation fix. [Adam Cohen]

    • 🖐 Handle force_ascii in fuzz methods. [Adam Cohen]

    • ➕ Add back relevant tests. [Adam Cohen]

    • Utility method to make things consistent. [Adam Cohen]

    • Re-commit asciidammit and add a parameter to full_process to determine behavior. [Adam Cohen]

    • ➕ Added a test for non letters/digits replacements. [Tristan Launay]

    • 🛠 ENG-741 fixed benchmark line length. [Laurent Erignoux]

    • 🛠 Fixed Unicode flag for tests. [Tristan Launay]

    • 🚚 ENG-741 commented code removed not erased for review from creator. [Laurent Erignoux]

    • ENG-741 cut long lines in fuzzy wizzy benchmark. [Laurent Erignoux]

    • 🐎 Re-upped the limit on benchmark, now that performance is not an issue anymore. [Tristan Launay]

    • 🛠 Fixed comment. [Tristan Launay]

    • Simplified processing of strings with built-in regex code in python. Also fixed empty string detection in token_sort_ratio. [Tristan Launay]

    • Proper benchmark display. Introduce methods to explicitly do all the unicode preprocessing before using fuzz lib. [Tristan Launay]

    • 👀 ENG-741: having a true benchmark, to see when we improve stuff. [Benjamin Combourieu]

    • 👍 Unicode support in [Benjamin Combourieu]

    • ➕ Added file for processing strings. [Tristan Launay]

    • Uniform treatment of strings in Unicode. Non-ASCII chars are now considered in strings, which allows for matches in Cyrillic, Chinese, Greek, etc. [Tristan Launay]

    • Fixed bug in _token_set. [Michael Edward]

    • ✂ Removed reference to PR. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

    • 🏗 Sadist build and virtualenv dirs are not part of the project. [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • 🛠 Fixes and correctly points to README.textile. [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • Info on the pull request. [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • button. [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • 👍 Fuzzywuzzy really needs better benchmarks. [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • 📦 Moved tests and benchmarks out of the package. [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • 👍 Report better ratio()s redundant import try. [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • AssertGreater did not exist in python 2.4. [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • ✂ Remove debug output. [Adam Cohen]

    • 📦 Looks for python-Levenshtein package, and if present, uses that instead of difflib. 10x speedup if present. add benchmarks. [Adam Cohen]

    • ➕ Add gitignore. [Adam Cohen]

    • 🛠 Fix a bug in WRatio, as well as an issue in full_process, which was failing on strings with all unicode characters. [Adam Cohen]

    • Error in partial_ratio. closes #7. [Adam Cohen]

    • ➕ Adding some real-life event data for benchmarking. [Adam Cohen]

    • Cleaned up [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • ⚡️ Optimized speed for full_process() [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • Speed improvements to asciidammit. [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • 🚚 Removed old versions of validate_string() and remove_ponctuation() kept from previous commits. [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • ⚡️ Issue #6 from github updated license headers to match MIT license. [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • Clean up. [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • 🔄 Changes to utils.validate_string() and benchmarks. [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • 🚚 Some benchmarks to test the changes made to remove_punctuation. [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • 🚚 Faster remove_punctuation. [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • AssertIsNone did not exist in Python 2.4. [Pedro Rodrigues]

    • Just adding some simple install instructions for pip. [Chris Dary]

    • ✅ Check for null/empty strings in QRatio and WRatio. Add tests. Closes

      3. [Adam Cohen]

    • More README. [Adam Cohen]

    • README. [Adam Cohen]

    • README. [Adam Cohen]

    • Slight change to README. [Adam Cohen]

    • Some readme. [Adam Cohen]

    • Distutils. [Adam Cohen]

    • 🔄 Change directory structure. [Adam Cohen]

    • 🎉 Initial commit. [Adam Cohen]