doit v0.29.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2015-08-16 // almost 8 years ago
    • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: revert - result_dep to create an implicit task_dep
    • fix GH-#59: command list issue with unicode names
    • fix GH-#72: cmd completion escaping of apostrophes in zsh
    • fix GH-#74: Task action's handle python3 callables with keyword only args
    • fix GH-#50: Executing tasks in parallel (multi-process) fails on Windows
    • fix GH-#71 #92: Better error messages for invalid command line tasks/commands
    • fix issue with --always-execute and setup tasks
    • GH-#67: multiprocess runner handles closures in tasks (using cloudpickle)
    • GH-#58: add DelayedLoader parameter target_regex
    • GH-#30: add DelayedLoader parameter creates
    • GH-#58: cmd Run add option --auto-delayed-regex
    • GH-#24: cmd info add option --status show reason a task is not up-to-date
    • GH-#66: cmd auto support custom ( user specified ) commands to be executed after each task execution
    • GH-#61: speed up sqlite3 backend (use internal memory cache)