Cython v0.29.14 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-11-01 // 14 days ago
  • 🐛 Bugs fixed

    • 🖨 The generated code failed to initialise the tp_print slot in CPython 3.8. Patches by Pablo Galindo and Orivej Desh (Github issues #3171, #3201).

    • 👍 ? for bool was missing from the supported NumPy dtypes. Patch by Max Klein. (Github issue #2675)

    • await was not allowed inside of f-strings. Patch by Dmitro Getz. (Github issue #2877)

    • Coverage analysis failed for projects where the code resides in separate source sub-directories. Patch by Antonio Valentino. (Github issue #1985)

    • ⚠ An incorrect compiler warning was fixed in automatic C++ string conversions. Patch by Gerion Entrup. (Github issue #3108)

    • Error reports in the Jupyter notebook showed unhelpful stack traces. Patch by Matthew Edwards (Github issue #3196).

    • Python.h is now also included explicitly from public header files. (Github issue #3133).

    • 🏗 Distutils builds with --parallel did not work when using Cython's deprecated build_ext command. Patch by Alphadelta14 (Github issue #3187).

    Other changes

    • The PyMemoryView_*() C-API is available in cpython.memoryview. Patch by Nathan Manville. (Github issue #2541)

Previous changes from v0.29.13

  • 🐛 Bugs fixed

    • 🛠 A reference leak for None was fixed when converting a memoryview to a Python object. (Github issue #3023)

    • The declaration of PyGILState_STATE in cpython.pystate was unusable. Patch by Kirill Smelkov. (Github issue #2997)

    Other changes

    • The declarations in posix.mman were extended. Patches by Kirill Smelkov. (Github issues #2893, #2894, #3012)