curio v0.8 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-08-27 // over 4 years ago
  • ⏱ 07/01/2017 New time queue implementation. For timeout handling, it's faster and far more space efficient.

    🛠 05/11/2017 Fixed Issue #212, "never joined" message when add terminated tasks to a task group and using task.result to obtain the result.

    05/11/2017 Added a new keyword argument to Task.cancel() to allow a different exception to be raised. For example:

           The default exception is still TaskCancelled.

    04/23/2017 Change to ssl.wrap_socket() function and method to make it an async method. If applied to an already connected socket, it needs to run the handshake--which needs to be async. See Issue #206.

    🏁 04/14/2017 Refinement to SignalEvent to make it work better on Windows. It's now triggered via the same file descriptor used for SignalQueue objects.

    03/26/2017 Added a Task.interrupt() method. Cancels the task's current blocking operation with an 'TaskInterrupted' exception. This is really just a more nuanced form of cancellation, similar to a timeout. However, it's understood that an interrupted operation doesn't necessarily mean that the task should quit. Instead, the task might coordinate with other tasks in some way and retry later.