coala v0.11.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-05-22 // about 6 years ago
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    🚀 This release was brought to you by 65 contributors contributing 141

    🚀 The name of this release is BrewBear to highlight the improvements made
    to our dependency management system, including the addition of brew
    👌 support for mac users. Mac has been an officially supported platform for
    a long time and we would like to draw attention to this often overlooked
    👍 fact. Support has also been added for conda and cargo allowing bears
    👕 which use linters available from those package managers to manage their

    🎉 Initial next generation core code has been merged and will be integrated
    🚀 over the coming releases. Until then, please use the current API.

    🚀 We have added a release candidate system to our release process to allow
    🚀 users to easily test changes in the latest pre-release version of coala.
    📦 Instructions for obtaining the rc package will be posted for each
    🚀 minor/major release to the coala gitter channel, blog, and twitter. We
    encourage all users interested in checking out new features or helping
    🚀 to test these pre-releases on their projects. If you do find a
    🚀 regression in a release candidate, please report it to the issue tracker
    with the word Regression somewhere in the title.

    💥 Breaking Changes

    • coala now exits with a non zero exit code when error level results
      🌲 are logged. If you relied on coala logging in scripts or other
      automated systems please modify them to work with the new behavior.
      ✅ You can find all exit codes here.
      PR #3905


    • 📜 Section Inheritance had been added to the coafile parsing. With this
      🔄 change we are deprecating implicit default section inheritance.
      Instead, you can now have definite section inheritance by using the
      👍 . in the section title. Append operators are now supported
      👍 allowing addition of values to inherited section. See the
      Explicit Setting Inheritance section of the
      for a syntax example and detailed instructions
    • The section name cli is reserved for cli arguments and should not
      🔧 be used in the coala configuration file (coafile). If you are
      🔧 currently using it in a configuration file, coala will warn you.
    • coala now outputs absolute file paths when a bear fails. This should
      👉 make debugging bear failures easier when using custom bears.


    • A new placeholder, source_lines, has been added to the coala
      --format option. Use it to output the affected lines in the source
      file when a result occurs.
    • Bears are displayed alphabetically when listed using --show-bears.
    • ⚠ coala outputs a warning if a setting is overridden in the same
      section since this is probably not what the user intended.
    • --format is handled correctly when --ci is specified, outputting
      formatted output without asking questions. Issue#3999
    • coala will report the version of the dependency required when the
      🔖 version check fails. Issue#3982

    Bear Developers

    • 👕 @linter decorator works with global bears. See our bear writing
      👕 docs
      for more information on how to write a global bear with the
      👕 @linter decorator.
    • Bear.DownloadCachedFile raises exceptions when the download fails.
      👀 Please see the requests library
      📄 docs
      for a complete list of possible exceptions that will need to be
      🖐 handled.
    • 🗄 The deprecate_settings decorator now supports multiple
      🗄 deprecations of the same setting. Issue #3537
    • 👀 A new SEE_MORE attribute has been added to the Bear class. Use
      it to attribute (usually by linking the main page) the original tool
      👕 in linter bears.
    • 👕 Unified Diff support has been added to the Diff result, linter and
      display mechanisms.

    🛠 Bugfixes

    • 🛠 Caching has been fixed to work correctly. Results are only cached
      when a bear successfully runs. A bear which fails in the middle of a
      ⚙ run will not have a result cached anymore. This should make flushing
      the cache manually mostly unnecessary for end users. PR#3722
    • Non-optional settings check settings from dependent bears now.
      Previously, it would error because the dependency would not have its
      settings satisfied. Issue#3149
    • The Result object now handles None values of TextPosition
      properly. Previously, it would return arbitrary results which would
      impact bear authors. Issue#3094
    • A few problems when using coala in systems with incomplete locales
      🐳 data have been fixed. This was common in Docker containers. Issue#3906

Previous changes from v0.11.0.rc2

    • 🛠 Fixed critical section inheritance bug where sections with different capitalization would not inherit. Issue #4182