Clint is awesome. Crazy awesome. It supports colors, but detects if the session is a TTY, so doesn't render the colors if you're piping stuff around. Automagically.

Awesome nest-able indentation context manager. Example: (with indent(4): puts('indented text')). It supports custom email-style quotes. Of course, it supports color too, if and when needed.

It has an awesome Column printer with optional auto-expanding columns. It detects how wide your current console is and adjusts accordingly. It wraps your words properly to fit the column size. With or without colors mixed in. All with a single function call.

The world's easiest to use implicit argument system w/ chaining methods for filtering. Seriously.

Run the various executables in examples to get a good feel for what Clint offers.

You'll never want to not use it.

Code Quality Rank: L5
Programming language: Python
License: ISC License
Latest version: v0.5.1

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