Cartridge v0.12.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2016-08-17 // over 5 years ago
    • Document built-in payment handlers - ryneeverett
    • Remove nesting of context objects. The same as Tested with custom project - Henri Hulski
    • Wrap invoice PDF call with HAS_PDF in case pisa None - Sam Kingston
    • Replace render() with TemplateResponse(). Replaces mezzanine.utils.views.render with django.template.response.TemplateResponse as it is deprecated in Mezzanine - Henri Hulski
    • Fix for broken carts on expiration - David Sanders
    • Compatibility with modern django. - The new _meta API doesn't include subclass fields in the "fields". attribute, but it provides a get_fields method which makes this much. simpler. - Upgraded get_content_models to mezzanine Page's much simpler. version. Note that unlike Page, uncustomized Product's are still. valid. - Switch from adminmedia to staticfiles. - The first template found in the list gets rendered, so we need to. prepend the optional custom product template - ryneeverett
    • ModelAdmin.in_menu -> has_module_permission. This makes the branch compatible with Mezzanine master, now that. [mezzanine#1596]( is merged - ryneeverett
    • Remove unneeded jquery_ui from change_list.html - ryneeverett
    • Use Mezzanine's custom content types mixins - ryneeverett
    • Type dropdown js is now in content_typed.html - ryneeverett
    • Fix payment handler docs code blocks - ryneeverett
    • Content_typed namespace was removed from mezzanine - ryneeverett
    • Define min value for cart item quantity field. Closes #299 - Stephen McDonald
    • Don't override keywords string in product admin. Closes #301 - Stephen McDonald
    • django.template.context_processors is removed in Django 1.10 - Stephen McDonald
    • Prevent Django 1.10 from adding HTML5 required attribute to order form, which causes it to fail - Stephen McDonald