boltons v16.1.1 Release Notes

  • (March 6, 2016)

    ➕ Added [iterutils.same][iterutils.same], improvement of Windows [fileutils.AtomicSaver][fileutils.AtomicSaver] behavior for old filesystems, bugfix on [strutils.is_uuid][strutils.is_uuid], expansion of [strutils.pluralize][strutils.pluralize], new trove classifiers and 📄 docs improvements!

    • [fileutils.replace][fileutils.replace]: use bak file option for win32 ReplaceFile for slightly better corner case coverage on less featureful filesystems
    • [strutils.pluralize][strutils.pluralize]: Add more irregular plurals
    • [strutils.is_uuid][strutils.is_uuid]: Catch un-parsable UUIDs.
    • [iterutils.same][iterutils.same]: Return True when all values in iterable are the same.