boltons v15.1.1 Release Notes

  • (November 18, 2015)

    🛠 A lot of bugfixes and docfixes in 15.1.1.

    ⚡️ updated AtomicSaver for better permissions handling, update BufferedSocket message sending, beta version of iterutils.get_path, 🛠 several docs fixes, Stats zscore and cache bugfix, and an LRU refactor with significantly improved behavior and code factoring.

    • Updated [fileutils.AtomicSaver][fileutils.AtomicSaver] handling of filesystem permissions to be simpler and more secure. This also merges dest_perms and part_perms arguments to AtomicSaver and atomic_save.
    • Fix large message sending with [socketutils.BufferedSocket][socketutils.BufferedSocket]
    • [strutils.iter_splitlines][strutils.iter_splitlines] is now in the docs.
    • [cacheutils][cacheutils]: now imports RLock from the right place for python 2
    • [statsutils][statsutils]: Only delattr when hasattr in [Stats.clear_cache][statsutils.Stats.clear_cache]
    • [statsutils.Stats][statsutils.Stats]: Add [Stats.get_zscore][statsutils.Stats.get_zscore] to support calculating the [z-score][zscore] (see also: t-statistic)
    • [cacheutils.LRU][cacheutils.LRU]: Massive refactor of the backing linked list for better handling of duplicate data in the cache. More aggressive locking and better __eq__