Behave v1.2.5 Release Notes

Release Date: 2015-01-31 // almost 7 years ago
  • ๐Ÿš€ :Same as: Version 1.2.5a1 (unreleased).

    ๐Ÿ†• NEWS and CHANGES:

    • General:

      • Improve support for Python3 (py3.3, py3.4; #268)
      • Various unicode related fixes (Unicode errors with non-ASCII, etc.)
      • Drop support for Python 2.5
    • Running:

      • ScenarioOutline: Annotates name with, ... to better represent row.
      • NEW: Active Tags, see docs (New and Noteworthy_).
      • NEW: Test stages, see docs (New and Noteworthy_).
      • NEW: User-specific configuration data, see docs (New and Noteworthy_).
      • CHANGED: Undefined step snippet uses now NotImplementedError (related to: #254)
    • Model:

      • ScenarioOutline: Various improvements, see docs (New and Noteworthy_).
    • Formatters:

      • plain: Can now show tags, but currently disabled per default
      • NEW: steps.catalog: Readable summary of all steps (similar to: steps.doc, #271)
      • NEW: User-defined formatters, see docs (New and Noteworthy_).


    • pull #285: Travis CI improvements to use container environment, etc. (provided by: thedrow)
    • pull #272: Use option role to format command line arg docs (provided by: helenst)
    • pull #271: Provide steps.catalog formatter (provided by: berdroid)
    • pull #261: Support "setup.cfg" as configuration file, too (provided by: bittner)
    • pull #260: Documentation tweaks and typo fixes (provided by: bittner)
    • pull #254: Undefined step raises NotImplementedError instead of assert False (provided by: mhfrantz)
    • issue #242: JUnitReporter can show scenario tags (provided by: rigomes)
    • issue #240: Test Stages with different step implementations (provided by: attilammagyar, jenisys)
    • issue #238: Allow to skip scenario in step function (provided by: hotgloupi, jenisys)
    • issue #228: Exclude scenario fron run (provided by: jdeppe, jenisys)
    • issue #227: Add a way to add command line options to behave (provided by: attilammagyar, jenisys)

    ๐Ÿ›  FIXED:

    • pull #283: Fix "fork me" image in docs (provided by: frodopwns)
    • issue #280: Fix missing begin/end-markers in RegexMatcher (provided by: tomekwszelaki, jenisys)
    • pull #268: Fix py3 compatibility with all tests passed (provided by: sunliwen)
    • pull #252: Related to #251 (provided by: mcepl)
    • pull #190: UnicodeDecodeError in tracebacks (provided by: b3ni, vrutkovs, related to: #226, #230)
    • issue #257: Fix JUnitReporter (XML) for Python3 (provided by: actionless)
    • issue #249: Fix a number of docstring problems (provided by: masak)
    • issue #253: Various problems in PrettyFormatter.exception()
    • issue #251: Unicode crash in (provided by: mcepl, jenisys)
    • issue #236: Command line docs are confusing (solved by: #272)
    • issue #230: problem with assert message that contains ascii over 128 value (provided by: jenisys)
    • issue #226: UnicodeDecodeError in tracebacks (provided by: md1023, karulis, jenisys)
    • issue #221: Fix some PY2/PY3 incompatibilities (provided by: johbo)
    • pull #219: IDE's unknown modules import issue (provided by: xbx)
    • issue #216: Using --wip option does not disable ANSI escape sequences (coloring).
    • issue #119: Python3 support for behave (solved by: #268 and ...)
    • issue #82: JUnitReporter fails with Python 3.x (fixed with: #257, #268)

    ๐Ÿ“„ .. _New and Noteworthy: