asciimatics v1.9.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-12-06 // about 4 years ago

    ➕ Added FileBrowser, DatePicker and TimePicker widgets.

    • Made screen a mandatory positional parameter to all Effects in the process.
    • NOTE: Any custom Effects you have created will now need to pass the screen down to the parent

    ➕ Added fill_polygon() to Screen and Canvas.

    ➕ Added the Kaleidoscope and RotatedDuplicate renderers.

    Created Maps demo - which renders vector tiles and satellite images from Mapbox.

    ➕ Added optional is_modal parameter to Frame constructor.

    Added on_blur and on_focus parameters to all interactive Widgets.

    ➕ Added colour property to Cogs Effect.

    ➕ Added title property to Frame.

    ➕ Added text property to Label.

    ➕ Added hide_char parameter to Text constructor to hide any entered text - e.g. for passwords.

    ➕ Added optional height parameter to Label constructor.

    👍 Allowed programs to set "default" values for Widgets - which means you need to reset each field
    in a Frame explicitly rather than relying on reset to blank out uninitialized fields.

    🛠 Fixed up signal handling to re-instate old handlers on Screen.close().

    🛠 Fixed missing on_select handler for ListBox.